RX suspension mount W1 (60.8mm-64.0mm)

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\2,398 JPY
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\2,030 JPY
RX-12J CE-RX Suspension relationship
A must-have item to make the most of SC chassis 2022!

-Items that enable short arm installation
- Improves traction performance around the rear
The compatibility between the Jaeger. which is a belt car. and the short arm that makes the movement of the legs faster.
By using Yokomos suspension pins. etc.. the settings such as the toe angle will be the same as Yokomos E type.

*The suspension pins and suspension balls are made by Yokomo ReveD.
*The suspension pin mounting position is lowered by 2.5mm to optimize the roll center.

Necessary items other than suspension arms (Yokomo example)
Suspension mount bush for B8-301BS BD8
BD-301B Suspension arm pin ball for BD7/BD5 (3/4 pieces included)
BD-009BR BD7/BD-5 rear inner suspension arm pin (345mm)