Crab spacer set for MC-1 0.5 mm thick (2 hole type x 2 pieces. 1 hole type x 4 pieces)

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\1,382 JPY
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\1,280 JPY
YD-2 chassis etc
An aluminum crab spacer that is ideal for adjusting the height of the [MC-1] gearbox!
The crab spacer. which has a crab claw-shaped open design and a handle. can be removed by simply loosening the screw!
You can easily change the settings such as the roll rigidity of the chassis according to the road surface conditions you are driving!

A total of 6 spacers (1 hole type x 4) required for adjusting the height of the gear case and spacers used under the upper deck and under the mid support (1 hole type x 4) are included in the set.
Please try the crab spacer set that makes it easy to change the settings!