High upper arm (for Meriken Knuckle 3)

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\6,912 JPY
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\7,040 JPY
Type C Suspension Related
Newly designed high upper arm for Meriken Knuckle 3
By attaching it to the Meriken Knuckle 3. you can raise the mounting position of the upper arm. and you can change the kingpin angle and layout like a real car.
It is possible to finely change the setting according to the driving scene and the machine.

Trail adjustment
¡¦ Two patterns of non-trail and reverse trail can be set.

Kingpin angle adjustment
By changing the fixed position with the Meriken Knuckle 3
The kingpin angle can be adjusted.
Please adjust in 3 patterns according to the setting and style of the car
The kingpin angle. trail. and scrub can be freely changed. allowing you to show your favorite turning angle tires.

¡¦ Laser engraved on the body with a hard black alumite finish
¡¦ Higher precision cutting than high quality aluminum

* Meriken Knuckle 3 is not included with this product. Please prepare separately