Tamiya Brushless motor 02 with sensor 21.5T

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\8,424 JPY
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\6,240 JPY
Brushless Motor
Brushless motor with sensor with adjustable lead angle
Since there is no brush that can be said to be a consumable item. basically a maintenance-free long-life brushless motor that can rotate at high speed.
The 21.5T with Tamiya Brushless Motor 02 sensor demonstrates high control performance by comparing the position information fed back from the sensor built into the motor with the rotation speed set by the ESC.
It produces a smooth and smooth operation from low speed to high speed.
In addition. the advance adjustment can be used to tune the output characteristics and can be used widely from on to off. Use the TBLE series for Tamiyas sensor-equipped brushless motor ESC.
It is also recommended to lubricate the bearings with OP.508 or ITEM 42172 regularly to extend motor life and maximize performance.
Recommended use chassis: Tamiya 1/10 touring car. M chassis. F103 chassis. F104 chassis. buggy (except reprinted edition)

[Basic specs]
KV value 1800 KV (scale 2) (KV value: number of revolutions per minute for 1 V power supply voltage)
Proper voltage: 6.6V to 7.2V
Weight: 185 g (including cords)