Egress (2013)

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\45,580 JPY
[To match the current RC scene. longing of machine increased the potential]
Avante that appeared in 1988 as the best models of 4WD buggy.
The following year TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) is formed in. Tamiya has taken the first step to challenge the world of racing.
New design know-how that is obtained in the race intake. as race-only car the Avante-based. and employs a carbon plate. which has been used in F1 and aircraft. use ball differentials and large-capacity oil dampers. lightweight to expensive titanium bis. it is the egress that has been developed aiming to victory in the race.
At that time. in the belt drive vehicle prime. the only egress that was active in the race as a shaft-drive vehicles. was revived by potential up the parts to fit the current RC scene.

[High rigidity shaft drive 4WD chassis that was heavy use of carbon parts]
Chassis carbon double deck. I am proud of the high rigidity that does not budge even twist.
Vertical power train of motor shaft drive 4WD full bearing specifications.
Before and after the ball differentials new parts that reviewed the original design.
In addition to the smooth operation. maintainability. we have up to endurance both.
In addition. a built-in one-way bearing in the drive gear. and exert a gentle handling by the torque splitter effect.
In place of the one-way bearing. it is also possible to lock specification.
In addition. universal shaft that is most abuse in the drive system is incorporating the same structure as the current TRF series. got a smooth drive and high reliability.
Suspension double wishbone 4-wheel independent.
Aluminum cylinder was equipped with four oil damper adopted. stabilizer and mounted on the front and back.
Front upright is high aluminum cutting strength.
Steering system is equipped with ball bearings for the wiper arm shaft. produces a linear handling using a carbon plate of 2.0mm thickness.
Does not employ titanium bis this time. but the performance up of about more than offset is achieved.
Even in the current mainstream of brushless motor. you can enjoy a wonderful ride.

Basic Specifications
Length: 430mm. overall width 243mm. height 157mm
Wheelbase 275mm
tread = front. the rear both the 200mm
frame = carbon double deck
Drivetrain: shaft drive 4WD
Body under cowl = polycarbonate
Front = before and after ball differentials. center one-way
Steering: 3-piece tie rod
Suspension: 4-wheel double wishbone
Tire Width / Diameter = Front 32 / 88mm. rear 40 / 88mm
damper = aluminum cylinder made of high cap oil damper
Gear Ratio = 8.25: 1 (kit 22T pinion gear)
540 type motor (sold separately)
Speed ​​Controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

[What Separately Required]
540 type motor
Aix spec GT-I 2.4G (set for electric RC car)
single three shape battery 4 for transmitter