Neo Fighter Buggy (DT-03 chassis)

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2WD buggy was also spark RC boom of the 1980s. Frog. Inherited its name. from off-road to on-road. is an assembly kit of electric radio control 2WD buggy everywhere enjoy a light run. Uses a monocoque frame with high strength. lightweight. and guard solidly battery and servo. In order to improve the running stability of the off-road. we are stretched with a jerk of the vehicle body. The suspension. four-wheel independent double wishbone of friction damper equipment running in the supple bad road. And a built-in differential gear. I show smooth cornering the sealed gear box of the rear portion of the vehicle body. The front wheels wide grooved. rear wheel was fitted with a square spike. It is easy to assemble with simple structure of course. a light run of 2WD unique charm. Running in a higher-grade performance can pursue up parts are aligned. it is a basic buggy with hidden high performance.

(ITEM 58587)
overall length of 400mm when completed. overall width 248mm. Height: 132mm motorized
[What is Separately Required Items]
4 AA batteries this fine spec 2.4G RC electric drive set for transmitter single
The image in which it appears is what assembling the kit.