VQS (2020)

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\34,344 JPY
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\27,980 JPY
Total length = 435 mm * All images are under development.

* Polycarbonate body is painted black and cut.

[Appearance for the first time in 28 years !! Middle class buggy that inherits the DNA of the famous car Avante]
It is a reprint / improved version of the electric radio control buggy released in 1988 as a middle class model that inherited the main mechanism of Avante. a 4WD racing buggy that was developed with a view to participating in big races by concentrating Tamiyas technology at that time. ..
Overall length 435 mm. overall width 235 mm. overall height 150 mm.
¡ü Uses a lightweight and strong ABS resin monocoque chassis. It is easy to maintain. protects the RC mechanism from shocks. and makes full use of the suspension performance with a structure with little deflection.
In addition. inspection hatches are installed in the front and rear gearboxes. making gear replacement work easy.
¡ü Sharp turning performance is demonstrated by a 3-diff configuration equipped with a small planetary type diff in the front and rear and a ball thrust diff in the center.
Furthermore. in addition to reliable and smooth power transmission. a universal drive shaft is used in the front and rear to improve driving reliability without worrying about falling off during driving.

[Suspension that allows you to enjoy delicate settings]
Double wishbone type 4-wheel independent suspension uses screw shafts for each upper arm.
Delicate settings are possible by adjusting the length of the arm.
In addition. it is equipped with four CVA oil dampers. front and rear stabilizers. and a front upright made of machined aluminum to tighten the suspension.