BBX (BB-01 chassis)

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\34,980 JPY
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\31,480 JPY
Adopted a new chassis that combines the lower deck with a roll cage.
Introducing a rear-wheel drive buggy that pursues the feeling of a real car!

An electric RC car assembly kit based on the image of a single-seater racing buggy that is gaining popularity in the United States.
The traditional style is supervised by illustrator Atsushi Arino. A roll cage equipped with a safety net and light pod. a 6-part body cowl with a long nose. and textured aluminum cylinder dampers create a mood.
The slim chassis with the battery placed vertically and the motor placed horizontally at the rear end has excellent weight balance and sufficient strength.
Suspension is a 4-wheel independent front double wishbone and rear trailing arm that allows you to enjoy dynamic off-road driving. The front and rear plated wheels are also noteworthy.

-Plated wheels with a classical design are hexagonal hub types. The newly designed large-diameter tires are equipped with high-height sidewalls. It enables sprinting on rough roads while rolling up dust. In addition. a new inner shape is also included for both front and rear.
Double wishbones are used around the front suspension. The dampers installed through the upper and lower A arms give a stylish impression. In addition. it is equipped with a newly designed aeration aluminum damper that combines a simple design with a stroke amount that can run through rough roads.
A rear-wheel drive layout that maximizes traction by placing the motor horizontally at the rear end. The rear suspension adopts a trailing arm that is reminiscent of the actual vehicle. Alignment adjustment is also possible. and you can enjoy exciting off-road driving.
-The newly designed chassis consists of an integrally molded lower deck and roll cage. and reproduces a realistic shape reminiscent of a real buggy. The running battery. which is vertically installed in the center of the vehicle body. can be easily replaced by removing the upper part of the divided body and sliding the bar sideways.
Driver figure and light pod are included. A wide variety of accessories. such as a realistic driver figure peeking through the gap in the roll cage and safety nets attached to the sides to protect the driver. enhance the feeling of the real car.
The rear roll cage can be flipped up by removing the screws. The maintenance around the motor is also good. and you can fully enjoy the charm of a stylish buggy.

Total length: 414mm
Height: 136mm
Width: 233mm
Wheelbase: 283mm

*The photo is a completed example.