Black Saber Premium (Super II Chassis)

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\1,080 JPY
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\700 JPY
MINI 4WD Special Events
[Premium specification of black saver that improved running performance]
It is a plastic model assembly kit of a four-wheel drive racer with high performance and fun with lace.
Black Saber Premium is a premium version of Kurosawa Taito machine. Black Saber. which appears in mini 4WD manga Bakusan Brothers Lets & Go!
Equipped with a variable type large rear wing in the form of a flowing full cowl covering the front and rear tires.
The powerful black body is mounted on the Super II chassis to further improve the driving performance.
In addition. vivid red graphics and headlights shining on a black background were represented with a metallic sticker.

Super II Chassis
The chassis is also used in races and adopts the popular Super II.
Body made of black ABS resin.
In addition. A parts such as 13 mm plastic roller are made of light smoke ABS resin.
In addition. equipment such as turn-type switch and two-point fixed type rear stay is also rich.
Bumpers and rear stays have multiple parts mounting holes to accommodate a wide range of settings.
Set the gear ratio to 3.5: 1.
To the black Y spoke wheel. we attached the red hard small diameter low-height tire and tightened our feet.

Basic Specification
Total length at completion of 138 mm. full width 97 mm. total height 49 mm
With motor
Assembly is an inlay type with no adhesive required

What you need separately
Two AA batteries