Honda Integra Type R96 specifications

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HONDA/190194mm Body
Honda · Integra Type R96 spec (1995-1998)

August 1995. Integra Type R made its debut as a sport version of the Integra. Type-R series is the second unit following the NSX type R.
Type R and the name should not be a odd car more than stick. stick to the tuning technician who is to last. the result of repeated thorough test is a crimson emblem shine well into the body of the championship white.
The emblem. a so card indicating that suitable for sport model to represent the Honda.
In addition. that the FF vehicle has been competing in the sports car became the thing to shake all of the industry officials at the time.

The nearest sports car to the circuit. so billed type R biggest feature is still in the engine.
Type R only 1800cc DOHC VTEC B18C type engine unit in which the Si-VTEC base is mounted.
Port polishing be done by hand. dedicated cam. lightweight low loss in the valve. such as a piston subjected to the molybdenum-coated in order to reduce the sliding resistance. dedicated parts also over 60 locations with a larger cam mountain of high-speed rotation side It has been incorporated.
Moreover these parts is impossible to manufacture in mass production line of its high precision. the processing is performed manually by specialized engineers and assembled.
Details over the tuning result. the base engine 180PS. was increased from 17.8kg-m 200PS. to 18.5kg-m. Cam cover is crystal painted in red also say a symbol of the type R.
Such a commitment is. Type R speak for themselves whether it is how special presence.
Weight reduction is also thorough. In the standard equipment. air conditioning. audio class. rear wiper. such as sound insulation materials. all to eliminate the unnecessary things in the circuit. plays the weight of a few ten kilometers level.
Also. torque-sensitive type of helical LSD is standard equipment in the driving system.
Mechanical steering weight or sudden self-aligning without this system found in LSD is the best equipped to FF. the sporty the FF vehicle are applied to many today.

Integra ultimate tuning has been subjected to type R is. grab a lot of the young people of the heart. gained popularity. Its popularity not only in Japan. there are a lot of fans overseas. was about get premium.

body has been painted for advertising. The actual product will be clear body of unpainted.
This product will be only the body. Traveling for chassis. tires. wheel-side mirror license plate muffler illuminations light unit is not included.