Front Stabilizer Set for DRB (3Wires Red)

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\1,404 JPY
Parts Bargain Item/DIB suspension/DRB
Drift Package DRB for. is the front stabilizer set. Set in a high-grade. such as stabilizer and stabilizer rod holder made ​​of aluminum was also included. stabilizer wire also included three. The ball cap to secure the suspension arms the ball portion of the stabilizer rod. please use the one supplied with the kit.

The set includes
Stabilizer wire 1.0mm Stabilizer Wire 1
Stabilizer wire 1.1mm Stabilizer Wire 1
Stabilizer wire 1.2mm Stabilizer Wire 1
Aluminum Stabilizer Holder Aluminum Stablizer Holder 1
Aluminum stabilizer rod Aluminum Stabilizer Rod 2
Stabilizer ball Stabilizer Ball 2
Stopper Stopper 1
Stabilizer rod end Stabilizer Rod End 2
Button head screw M3 8mm BH Screw 2
Set Screw M3 3mm Set Screw 5