Multicharger X2 AC Plus Vertical

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\21,780 JPY
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\17,420 JPY
Vertical compact charger with the functions of two high-performance single chargers
2 16 LCD displays easy-to-understand Japanese kana
Can be operated by switching independent ports with the 4 + 1 button
Input / output units can be installed in a limited space by consolidating them on the front and back.
Input power supply AC / DC compatible with any field
2 ports can be charged at the same time with 100W (maximum 200W output in total)
The main output unit uses the XT60 type to improve energization efficiency.
Ideal for stepping up from a single charger

Compatible batteries Li-Po / Li-Fe / Li-ion / Li-HV: 1 to 6 cells. Ni-MH / Ni-CD: 1 to 15 cells. PB: 2 to 20V
Input voltage AC 100V 240V DC 11V 18V
Charging current 0.1A to 12.0A (maximum 100W x 2 for each port)
Discharge current 0.1A to 2.0A (maximum 10W x 2 for each port)
Balance port maximum current maximum 500mA / cell
Trickle charge current 50-300mA / Off
Display type 2 x 16 LCD (backlight blue)
Dimensions 178 x 135 x 96 mm
Weight 850g

X2 AC PLUS Vertical body
XT60 cable 2-pin T type 1
XT60 cable Tamiya type 1
Balance conversion code (for Tamiya Li-Fe) 1
2 balance conversion boards (JST-XH type)
1 AC input cable
1 copy of instruction manual

Charging (balanced. unbalanced. fast) / discharging / storage (charging / discharging for storage) [Li system]
Charging (Charging / Auto-charging) / Discharging / Cycle / Repeak [Ni]
Charging (normal / AGA / cold) / discharging [Pb]
Battery memory
Battery meter
Battery internal resistance meter
Various safety functions