Killer Bomb 3 Slim Black

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\6,930 JPY
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\6,300 JPY
It became even slimmer. and the choice of the place increased! !
Available in 3 colors: black. red and purple! !
Includes connectors and cables! !
Easy to attach and detach. improving workability when replacing wiring! !
The power of the throttle rises and the power increases! !
Battery lasts longer! !

Since this product is manufactured with a 3D printer. it cannot withstand excessive impact. so please handle with care. Connect the red marked wire to the positive side of the ESC and the non-red marked wire to the negative side.
This product does not have a reverse connection prevention function. so be careful not to short the wiring when connecting.
You are responsible for any damage caused by incorrect wiring.
Be sure to discharge the battery after running.
Please connect/disconnect the connector after the battery is completely discharged.
In order to reduce the life of this product. please turn off the power of the ESC first and then unplug the wire.
Because it has a high capacity. it is charged even after removing the battery.
Be careful not to short the terminals.
This product is a regular replacement part. so it is not recommended to install it for many years.
Sold by: Nexus