4PM Plus Transmitter/Receiver Set (R314SB-E built-in antenna type for electric cars)

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\32,450 JPY
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\24,330 JPY
4PM. which can be enjoyed at a reasonable price and is equipped with SR mode. has further evolved.
In addition to the MC971CR and GYD550. which are equipped with wireless control functions. there is also a new dedicated slot for the MINI-Z module FS-RM005.
Equipped with reliable functions that approach high-end models. T4PM Plus is a radio that not only helps you win races. but also has a lightweight and balanced control feel. as well as software upgrades.
The T4PM Plus features a vertical backlit LCD and new multi-function switch layout that combines ease of use and functionality. Of course. it also has a telemetry function. MC971CR. GYD550 wireless control function. SR mode. etc.. demonstrate performance approaching high-end.
*Wireless control function is compatible with R334SBS series.
*To use the MINI-Z module. you need to separately purchase the FS-RM005 module for RA-42 or MINI-Z/FHSS from Kyosho Corporation.

[T4PM Plus functions and specifications]
Equipped with 2.4GHz telemetry system (compatible with SR/T-FHSS/S-FHSS/MINI-Z MR-03EVO/MINI-Z module FS-RM005)
Equipped with SD card slot
MC970CR wireless control function
S.BUS servo wireless control function
Receiver voltage display function
External voltage/current display (optional sensor)
Temperature display (optional sensor)
Rotation speed display (optional sensor)
Stelling gyro sensitivity adjustment function
Graphic LCD panel
LCD backlight
LED monitor
Steering mixing with Ackermann adjustment
Independent brake mixing for front and rear wheels (with delay/ABS function)
4WS mixing
Dual ESC mixing
Neutral brake function
Trigger position variable mechanism (7mm)
40 model memory
Model name (10 characters)
MC link function (compatible with MC970CR/MC960CR/940CR/MC950CR/MC851C/MC850C/MC602C/MC601C/MC402CR/MC401CR. can record in each model memory)
Anti-skid brake system (ABS)
Idol up
Throttle speed
Throttle cut
Throttle acceleration
Throttle EXP
Throttle ATL
Mechanical ATL
Servo neutral selection function (5:5/7:3)
Steering EXP
Steering speed
EPA function (all channels)
Sub trim (all channels)
Program MIX
Function select dial/switch
Digital trim
Failsafe (all channels)
Battery failsafe (2ch)
Timer (up/down/lap: records up to 100 laps)