Aluminum spool cup for RDX (protector specification) 2 pieces

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\3,300 JPY
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\3,300 JPY
Third part for RDX from RC926! Newly released aluminum spool cup (protector specification) for RDX!
■Newly released is [2 aluminum spool cups (protector specification)] compatible with the standard resin spool of ReveDs RDX kit.
■By changing from the RDX kits standard resin spool cup to an aluminum spool cup (protector specification), you can improve the throttle response and kick-off feeling, as well as the linear feeling of throttle operation!
■By changing from the point contact of the dogbone pin to a surface contact via the protector, the initial throttle operation feels like it has been removed, and the operation feeling is between that of a heavy gear differential and a solid gear differential, making it smoother. This allows for turning and exiting corners.
■High quality finish achieved through joint development and production with ReveD. We also installed the RC926 logo on both sides of the spool cup.
■One standard RDX kit resin spool cup weighs about 1.8g, one aluminum spool cup weighs about 1.8g, and one drive cup protector weighs about 0.2g, totaling about 2g, so there is no difference in weight. Almost none.
■Not only can it be used for RDX, but it can also be used for Yokomos RD2.0, MD1.0/2.0, and YD-2 series. You can benefit from RDXs lightweight resin spool (solid).

*When using an aluminum spool cup (protector specification), please use Yokomos Drive Cup Protector for BD8 2018 (For Aluminum Solid Axle) B8-500DPA or Drive Cup Protector for BD8/9 (Hard) Please prepare B9-500DPA separately.

■Product details Aluminum spool cup for RDX (protector specification) x 2 pieces