Volkswagen Beetle (M06 Chassis) Assembly Kit

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\10,620 JPY
[Reproduce the 1967 model called the Best of Beetle]
A rounded humorous style. a rear-wheel drive with an air-cooled horizontally opposed 4-cylinder engine with sufficient power at the rear. a simple and practical interior. and a Volkswagen loved all over the world for its high durability and reliability. Beetle (Type 1).
Although the basic silhouette remains the same. improvements have been made to each part. and even after the introduction of the New Beetle in 1998. production continued until 2003. with the worlds highest production record of more than 21 million units. I will.
It is an assembly kit of an electric radio control car that reproduces the 1967 model called the Best of Beetle among the Volkswagen Beetles that are still loved all over the world.
The rounded and unique form is fully modeled with polycarbonate.
The front and rear bumpers. light cases. and door mirrors are prepared with plated parts for a scaled finish.
As for the chassis. we adopted M-06. which drives the rear wheels by mounting a motor on the rear end like the actual vehicle.

[Adopts rear motor / rear wheel drive M-06 chassis]
The chassis uses M-06 with rear motor and rear wheel drive.
The bathtub type frame has a running battery laid out vertically. and servos. ESCs. and receivers are placed on the left and right sides of the battery to create a high weight balance. and heavy objects are mounted almost within the height of the tire to create a low center of gravity. Also realized.
In addition. the plated wheels with the same design as the actual vehicle are equipped with 60D radial tires on the front wheels and 60D super grip radial tires with excellent grip on the rear wheels.
We have achieved both maneuverability and improved rear stability.
4-wheel double wishbone suspension.
The steering wiper with a 3-split configuration provides straightforward cornering characteristics.

[Basic specifications]
Overall length 397 mm. overall width 163 mm. overall height 145 mm
Wheelbase 239mm (3 types of 210. 225. 239mm can be selected)
138mm before and after the tread
Drive system = rear motor / rear wheel drive
Diff gear method = 3 bevels
Steering tie rod = 3 divisions
Suspension = double wishbone 4-wheel independent
Damper = Friction both front and back
Gear ratio = 5.8: 1
Motor = 540 type
Tire width / diameter = 25 / 59mm for both front and rear
Speed ​​controller = ESC specifications (sold separately)