NSX (TT-02 chassis)

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Tamiya: TT-02 chassis
Total length = 438mm photo assembling the kit. is what was painted

[Ahead of the running of the new generation of hybrid sports car in the RC Car]
Is the electric radio control car assembly kit that reproduces the new NSX. which wowed the sports car fans around the world.
It reproduced polycarbonate body to the lower-wide forum which honed aerodynamics vehicle as it is.
Long characteristic door mirror is another part of the stay. Head lamp called Jewel eye of the one-sided 6-lamp was realistic in the combination of polycarbonate light case and stickers.
In addition. such as intake mesh of the window frame and each part tightens the finish served in the sticker.
Chassis is easy to handle controller Bull of basic shaft drive 4WD. it adopted the TT-02.

[Excellent setting to maneuverability also fun shaft drive 4WD. adopted the TT-02 chassis]
Chassis TT-02 of the shaft drive 4WD.
The traction battery left. motor right vertical excellent steering stability by the great balanced design. which was laid out in to the. easy to assemble and the right and left common the suspension arms and upright. and maintainability is also high configuration due to the gear case of the upper and lower split it now has.
In addition. the wheel base due to recombination of parts. vehicle height. the tread can choose two types of each. can also enjoy setting such as a motor mount 10 types of a wide range of gear ratios can be selected.
In addition. the wheel hub and the design of the wind brake disk. such as equipped with a front bumper support the image of a bumper of the racing cart of the actual vehicle. playful and plenty.
Gun metal color tread pattern was also fitted with a realistic racing radial tires to the dauntless mesh wheel.

Basic Specifications
Length: 438mm. overall width 190mm. total height 124mm
wheelbase 257mm
both tire width / diameter = around 27 / 67mm
frame = bottom shape bathtub type
drive system = vertical motor shaft drive 4WD
Front (front and rear) with resin 4 bevel type
Steering: 3-piece tie rod
Suspension: 4-wheel double wishbone
damper = friction both the front and rear
Gear Ratio = kit standard 8.27: 1 (in conjunction with the optional pinion 11.38: 1 to 7.28: 10 kinds of gear ratios up to 1 can be selected)
Motor Type 540
Speed ​​controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

[Apart from what you purchase]
Fine specs 2.4G electric RC drive set
4 AA batteries for the transmitter